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About Us

Our Story

We are a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the improvement of educational quality in Peru.

Da un Chance was created in 2011 as an initiative to develop the potential of talented and academically outstanding children in our country.

Michael DeBakey Revoredo, Joaquín Cabrera Arias Schreiber and Mariano Moragues de Vivanco launched the social program in June 2011, with the objective of giving the opportunity to outstanding students, who lack economic resources, to study in private schools, in order to stimulate the growth of their skills and talents.

To start with the program, Da un Chance recruited a group of successful entrepreneurs to share their vision of how to improve accessibility to educational quality in Peru. Eleven businessmen joined the first Board of Directors. In addition, eight companies joined Da un Chance as Sponsors of the program, financing the scholarships.

Da un Chance carried out its first selection process in the second half of 2011. In 2012 the program began with its first class of fifteen scholars.

Da Un Chance’s family has been increasing since then. Over the years, associates, sponsors and schools have joined this great mission, all committed to the future of our children.

About Us

Da un Chance is a non-profit organization that aims to provide access to quality education to talented students who lack the financial resources to do so.

We are an organization that believes in education as a fundamental pillar for the growth and sustainable development of a nation. In addition, we believe that talents need appropriate stimuli and environments to reach their full potential. We also know that the government does not currently have sufficient resources to provide a quality basic education to all children in the country. Thus, Da un Chance seeks to involve more people and the private sector in a joint effort to develop the potential of Peruvian students, in order to have responsible citizens committed to the country’s development.

The Da un Chance program awards scholarships to children with good academic performance and identified talents so they can study at one of our partner schools. The scholarships are funded thanks to the contribution of our donors and sponsoring companies and organizations. The funds raised are exclusively for the fulfillment of our mission, that is, to cover the academic expenses that the scholarships of our beneficiaries imply.

Talent • Opportunity • Attitude • Change


We are an organization that, through providing the opportunity for a better education to talented schoolchildren, generates change makers with skills and attitudes for positive and sustainable social growth, which contribute with the development of Peru.


To offer schoolchildren with talent and potential, but lacking economic resources, the opportunity to study in stimulating schools that activate their potential.

The Team

Da un Chance has a very committed team, who is in charge of the operations of the organization:

Franca Mazzotti


Luciana Chiaravalli

Program Coordinator

Sergio Zeppilli

Administrative Coordinator

Board of Directors

Da un Chance is a non-profit organization governed by its Board of Directors. At present, the Board has a total of 44 members.

Each of the Directors of Da Un Chance pays an annual fee. These financial contributions finance the entire administrative expenses of the association. We appreciate the contribution made by our partners, without which no work would be possible.

Founding Partners:

1. Michael DeBakey Revoredo
2. Ignacio Tirado Melgar
3. Diego de Osma Ayulo
4. Walter Martínez Moreno
5. Óscar Caipo Ricci
6. José Luis Noriega Cooper
7. Mark Hoffmann Rosas
8. Gonzalo Gulman Martínez
9. José Miguel Tirado Melgar
10. Guillermo Garrido Lecca del Río
11. Ignacio Heras Llorente
12. Juan Carlos Tola Rivera

13. Álvaro Hernández Fry
14. Joaquín Cabrera Arias Schreiber
15. Rafeal Villanueva Merino
16. Luis Telgue Noriega
17. Juan Miguel Raffo Granadino
18. Juan Enrique Ribaudo Bernales
19. Ernesto Raffo Paine
20 . José Antonio Osterling Letts
21. Óscar Vidaurreta Yzaga
22. Alfonso Bustamante Canny
23. Michael M. DeBakey Cooper


24. Alonso Chávez-Molina Rada
25. Edgardo Llosa Barrios
26. Felipe Cantuarias Salaverry
27. Michael Michell Olivares
28. Miguel Nicolini de la Puente
29. Frank Tweddle Risso
30. Max Cooper Kessel
31. Luis Alfredo Lira Chirif
32. Alfonso Brazzini Visconti
33. Roberto MacLean Martins
34. José Antonio Fernández Lores
35. Miguel Yzaga Tori

36. Ugo Plevisani Magnifico
37. Renzo Calda Giurato
38. Familia Miranda García Ribeyro
39. Juan Isola de la Peña
40. Carlos Marsano Soto
41. Víctor Mendiola Villa García
42. Renzo Mariátegui Bosse
43. Omar Alarcón Santisteban
44. Jorge Velarde-Álvarez Arca-Parró
45. Pablo Solari Barboza
46. Andrés Álvarez-Calderón Larco


Av. Angamos Oeste 737, of. 202, Miraflores

Phone number

(01) 757-3554