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Our Program

The Da Un Chance Scholarship Program consists of awarding full academic scholarships to talented children from public schools to study at one of our private partner schools.

Da un Chance performs a personalized selection process that has several stages of psycho-pedagogical and emotional evaluations of the applicant students and the student’s family environment.

The scholarship covers the following expenses:

School admission fee
Annual school enrollment
School monthly tuition
Annual medical insurance
School supplies and materials
Extras (camps, trips, visits)

The families of the benefited students commit themselves, with both Da Un Chance and their children, to be an important part of their children’s education. Parents agree to participate symbolically in the educational cost by paying a small monthly amount for school fees, as well as to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Educational Agreement.

During their stay in the Program, Da un Chance and the school closely accompany the students, constantly reviewing their performance and evaluating their emotional and social progress in the school environment. They also work closely with parents to effectively support the integral development of their children.

At the end of each school year, all beneficiary students are evaluated according to the standards of the school and in accordance with the evaluation criteria established by Da Un Chance. Families are also evaluated and, depending on the results obtained, the permanence of the students in the program may be revalidated.

Da un Chance student’s profile

They must be children who are curious to learn, who are motivated and show responsibility and autonomy in the school environment. Also, they must be able to concentrate on individual and group tasks, being capable of following instructions in the spaces where they perform.

To achieve this, children who are beneficiaries of Da un Chance must show adequate development and emotional health, which allows them to face the challenges of learning in the best way and thus achieve their full potential. Students must be able to solve everyday problems and adapt to new situations. Similarly, our children should show interest in the people around them, establishing meaningful and healthy relationships with their peers.

Finally, all of the above can be given only if the child is in an appropriate family environment, which implies that it supports and enriches his learning process, with routines and limits that allow the student to have consistent adult references.

Partner Schools

Colegio José Antonio Encinas

Colegio Héctor de Cárdenas

Colegio Los Reyes Rojos

Colegio la Casa de Cartón

Colegio America High School

Colegio Parroquial Santa Cruz

Colegio Leonardo da Vinci

Colegio Nivel A


Av. Angamos Oeste 737, of. 202, Miraflores

Phone number

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